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Customer Quality Engineer / Launch

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PositionCustomer Quality Engineer / Launch
Project duration10 months

Project specification

  • Customer quality
  • Project coordination and management
  • Creation of control plans, validation, team coordination
Project description

The customer project was to provide a complete replacement of the key person in the quality management of five non-independent European development teams. The entrusted feature required very precise work to physically set up and assure manufacturing quality for new individual products along with responsibilities for twenty-five development projects to meet goals. Among other things, the tools for quality assurance are the results of the team work and the completeness of the projects verified by the achievement of PPAP misalignments and related customer revisions. Therefore, the entrusted representation of the company based on a complete overview of the product, set processes to ensure quality and achieve customer requirements was also very important. The project thus included the management and organization of verifying misconceptions, the representation of production plants and the development results towards the customer.

Interim worker comment:

For most projects, there is not enough time to transfer responsibilities or possibly to training, and this was not the case either. An external person should always build and rely on his previous experience, proactively react and learn quickly throughout his deployment in any position. During this project, I came into contact with many experts in the field, from whom there is always much to learn which was a great asset. The project was very successful, for which I can thank not only the teamwork but also the approach of colleagues who accepted me. This aspect must always be intensively worked on.